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The Actors Involved In A Game Of Baccarat

We call “actors” in a baccarat game, the parties that are going to intervene during the game. It is very important to know them and, especially, to know their role, because when you are the one who sits at the table in a casino, you can handle both actors with skill. Note that in baccarat , there is only one dealer and one player facing off, the others are only bettors. In order not to be caught unprepared, we recommend that you read the following. You see, it’s very simple, but it’s still useful. It is up to you to find out what your role will be to play.

The Distributor

The dealer, sometimes called the “Banker” or the “house”, as in all casino card games, is a direct employee of the 3win2u casino, so he represents it. This main actor in the game will have several well-defined roles. But first of all, in baccarat, the dealer represents one of the parties that will compete on the mat.It is he who starts the action. In fact, even before the cards are dealt, he is going to determine the amount of the bet that he wants to play. This sum will be a reference bet that will later establish the bets of the other players.


These are the people outside the เว็บคาสิโน, who came to play. At the beginning of the game or of each round if you prefer, we are all gamblers and still are anyway. This role must then be assumed by all parties outside the casino that want to participate in the round.As a gambler, you will place a bet, either on the dealer if you think your hand is a winner, or conversely, on the player who will receive the cards, the “point”. It is the player to the right of the dealer who begins by placing his bet and so on. You have several betting solutions:

  • You can bet an equal amount to the dealer, in which case it will say “Bank”.
  • You can bet only a part of the amount bet by the dealer (for example 3/5 of the dealer’s bet)
  • If you are not the first player to bet, then you can complete the previous bettor’s bet to the desired height (for example, if the previous bettor bet 3/5, you can bet plus or minus 1/5 or 2/5) or but to bet the total amount of the sum that the dealer has put on the table.

You will get the winnings according to your original bet and especially according to the result of the round.


The one we call the point is the bettor (or player, two terms for the same person) who announced the bank or who placed the largest bet. In case of equality of bet between the players, it will be the player closest to the dealer who will assume the role.His function will be simply to receive the cards dealt and, especially, to make the decisions, based on his hand, to ask for a third card or not.

That is clearly the roles you can play when sitting around a baccarat table. So it is up to you to accommodate yourself according to your feelings.

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